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Below Knee Amputation
Case Study


Left below knee amputation secondary to long-standing peripheral vascular disease. 54-year-old male also diagnosed with congestive heart failure and supplemental O2.

Challenges and Strengths:

Below Knee Amputation
  • Elective amputation to meet goal of pain control and improved quality of life.
  • Slow healing incision related to a fall post-surgery. Fitting of the prosthesis was delayed several months.
  • Raised bungalow with five front steps.
  • Lives with supportive wife.
  • Cognitively intact. Aware of trip hazards posed by O2 tubing and cat.


A folding stable walker and manual wheelchair (temporary). Maximum stability in a walking aid was required.

The patient demonstrated sufficient coordination, balance, upper extremity strength and endurance to hop with a stable walker. Use of crutches was ruled out due to poor circulation, decreased sensation and proprioception in the remaining leg. While he was waiting to be fitted for his prosthesis, the walker was used primarily within his home and a rented manual wheelchair was prescribed for community access. The client “bummed” the 5 exterior stairs that were at his front entry.

When wearing the prosthesis, that was later fabricated, the patient did not require any walking aids. However, the standard walker was still used on a regular basis when he chose not to wear the prosthesis for morning ADL’s and night time mobility.


Choosing the Right Walker

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Using a Walker Safely

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