Walker Facts
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Does my walker fit me?

4 wheel rollatorDo I need a therapist to buy a walker?

How do I find a therapist?

Height:  Most walkers adjust to fit specified height ranges.  Your walker should support you standing as tall as possible, with minimal strain upon your hands, wrists, shoulders and neck. Walkers are usually adjusted so that the handles are at the height of your wrist when standing with your arms relaxed at your side.
Seat height adjustability:  Depending on your needs a seat may be adjusted lower so that your feet are flat on the floor providing balance and stability.  Or a seat may be adjusted higher so that it may be used for perching and makes it easier to stand up.

Width: The width of a walker must provide adequate clearance for your step.  You will need a walker that is wider than average if you walk with your feet far apart.

Safe Grip: Ensure that you can comfortably grip the walker for stability.  Many manufacturers provide options for ergonomic handles.

Braking system: Ensure that you can reliably operate the wheel lock system on a rollator, and engage the system to slow the speed of your walker if necessary.

Weight Capacity: There is a maximum weight capacity for most walkers/rollators.  Please ensure that you are within the weight limits recommended for the walker you purchase.


Choosing the Right Walker

You’ll need to consider much more than physical ability.
What about the environment and social supports?

Do You Need a Therapist?

And if so, how do you find a therapist?
We have a number of associations you may contact.

Where to Purchase a Walker

You have options and we have recommendations.
There is also financial assistance available to you.

Using a Walker Safely

From basic activities to common mistakes, here’s a guide to help you use your non-wheeled walker or wheeled walker safely and effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly given answers. Feel free to contact us if you’d like to contribute and help others.

Case Studies

Professionally prepared resources that offer guidance to a successful thought process based on past experiences.


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