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How a therapist can assist me?

A therapist can assist you in the following ways:

How a therapist can assist me?
  • A therapist will recommend the best walker for you. She/he will assess your physical needs, your environment/ barriers and your daily activities to determine the best walker. A therapist may also be able to anticipate future needs if you have a changing or progressive condition that is following a predictable pattern.  He or she may reduce the number of purchases you will make over time. 

  • A therapist will train you in the safest and correct use of the walker. He or she will ensure that the walker is adjusted to meet your specific needs. A therapist will provide training and coaching based on your style of walking as well as how to negotiate everyday situations such as stairs, doors, carrying items, curbs, changing between sitting and standing.
  • A therapist may arrange the trial of different walkers and may identify a specialty walker that is not readily available to the public. For instance there are hybrid walkers that act as wheelchair/walker combinations, lightweight walkers, reinforced walkers for the obese user, and different styles of brakes handles and braking mechanisms.
  • A therapist may seek and obtain financial assistance if you qualify. She or he will write the letters of rational required by many of the government agencies, insurance companies, and charitable organizations.


How do I find a therapist?


Choosing the Right Walker

You’ll need to consider much more than physical ability.
What about the environment and social supports?

Do You Need a Therapist?

And if so, how do you find a therapist?
We have a number of associations you may contact.

Where to Purchase a Walker

You have options and we have recommendations.
There is also financial assistance available to you.

Using a Walker Safely

From basic activities to common mistakes, here’s a guide to help you use your non-wheeled walker or wheeled walker safely and effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Case Studies

Professionally prepared resources that offer guidance to a successful thought process based on past experiences.


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